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6 Tips for Planning a Summer Wedding in NC

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February 13, 2023

Go explore all Walnut Hill has to offer! From our white pavilion to our manicured lawns it is the perfect place for your I Dos.

Embrace the beauty of North Carolina summers 

There is a saying that goes, “There is nothing more beautiful than a Carolina blue sky”, and we could not agree more. The natural beauty of North Carolina in the summer is truly one of a kind. Not only is the setting and atmosphere perfect for your dream wedding, but it can be cost effective too. By having your summer wedding at an indoor / outdoor wedding venue you can lower costs and spend less on florals and décor by embracing the natural flowering gardens and towering trees. Allowing your venue’s landscape to enhance your décor will do wonders for your wedding experience. 

Take advantage of off-season pricing

We realize that planning your dream wedding can be a costly experience and we recognize that not every couple has the identical budget. If you were looking to save some money on your venue cost, then booking a wedding in the summer months (mainly July and August) can be a great way to take advantage of off-season pricing. Make sure to check with each venue that you are touring with that they provide special summer pricing, but most venues will. This way you have some extra money to put towards other aspects of your wedding while still getting to enjoy the incredible natural scenery and beauty of having your wedding at an outdoor North Carolina venue. It is a win-win situation for everyone!

summer wedding venue in NC

Get creative with keeping guests cool 

We understand that the biggest hesitation for booking a summer wedding in North Carolina is the worry about the heat. Making sure you and your guests are enjoying the day is always the number one priority! There are plenty of ways to get creative with keeping your guests cool so we are here to tell you to not let this get in the way of booking and planning your dream summer wedding. The owners of Walnut Hill planned their own wedding in Raleigh in July and then had their 10-year vow renewal in August! So, we’re experts at this point! Having the right team of coordinator and venue will go a long way of being a support system and providing advice on the best way to help beat the heat. A fantastic first idea is to pass out cute fans to your guests upon arrival so they will have them at their seats. This will be a wedding favor that your guests will truly appreciate because with the right fan choice they can be both practical and fashionable. Wedding favors passed out at the end of the night aren’t always needed or used so this could be a great solution. 

Florals: Once Gathered

Water is always the answer

Sometimes the simplest answer is the best one! A cute and easy way to greet guest is with a water station set up near your ceremony location. This is a great time to get creative and have fun. We all love the experience of when entering a luxury hotel or spa and being given a complimentary glass of fruit flavored water to enhance the experience. This is the atmosphere that you can provide to your wedding guests right before the ceremony. Some of our favorite flavors are cucumber, watermelon, and citrus. So refreshing! 

Make sure you book a wedding venue that offers A/C! 

While this may seem like obvious advice, not all wedding venues may offer A/C for their reception area and may choose to just open doors or provide fans. When going on your initial tour of your venue and before signing the final contract make sure that your venue confirms that they have an operational A/C system! While guests enjoy having a drink and soaking up the summer sun during your cocktail hour, eating and dancing the night away in the heat is not ideal. Coming inside to an air-conditioned reception is always a joy. Your guests will certainly thank you for making this choice! The Pavilion is a great option for an outside ceremony space that will keep guests cool, but an indoor ceremony is always an option we are happy to help with as well!

Plan your menu accordingly 

Making sure to work closely with your caterer and coordinator to plan your menu accordingly to your North Carolina summer wedding makes all the difference in the world! You want to make sure you plan a menu that not only goes with your cool summer vibes, but also makes the most sense for the atmosphere and environment that you are in. A tip of something that we strongly suggest that you should not offer is please do not put out a table of cheese and charcuterie in the sun! You want to make sure to choose a menu that will remain fresh no matter what the summer conditions offer. Some fun and delicious suggestions that we would recommend for your summer wedding menu is sushi rice balls, seafood on ice trays, and providing sweet water Italian ice treats during your cocktail hours. Your guests will absolutely love these unique delicacies! 

Photography by: Lindley Battle, Fabiana Skubic, and Krista Stevens

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